Price list


40-55 PLN per 1 person for 1 night depending on the number of people in a room the length of the stay (at least 3 nights)Room 4

The hotel day starts at 2pm on the arrival day and finishes at 10am on the day of the departure.

We offer single, double rooms and bigger ones for 4-5 people. Each room has its own bathroom. A kitchenette with a fridge is situated in the hall, available for guests from 4 rooms.

Guests staying in our rooms don’t pay for the car park (situated right in front of the building).


wooden cabin
wooden cabin 1

240-300 PLN/night (at least 3 nights)

Our wooden cabins are available from May to November, as long as the temperature allows (cabins don’t have a central heating)

CAMPSITE TRAMP (hotel day finishes at 11am)

NO INTERNET PASSWORD available (we facilitate face to face conversations)

15 PLN per person per 1 night  (+ tourist tax about 1.8 PLN), 50% discount for children aged 5-12 (kids <4 free of charge), 10% discount for Krajtroter or Euro<26 holders

live music only

0 PLN per tent (regardless of its size)

0 PLN per cold shower

5 PLN per hot shower per person (only our guests may use this facility. We don’t limit the time, only decency does 🙂 )  you need to pick the key from  the reception

0 PLN per caravan parked on our campsite

0 PLN per a pet (owners are asked to clean after and take care of their pets thoroughly)

15 PLN per night for parking a car/caravan car/motorhome 

5 PLN per night for parking a motorcycle

3 PLN/h for using a stove at the kitchenette (paid proportionally to the using time)

Solinka river
Solinka river – great on scorching days

0 PLN for charging a mobile phone (in a designated spot near the kitchenette)

15 PLN/night for electricity (you need your own cable) in the summer

toilets, cold showers and a kitchenette

All guests must segregate waste.

Our guests must not invite over people unregistered in our campsite.

campfire shelters at TRAMP
campfire shelter at TRAMP