About us

Dear travellers,

We will be happy to host you at our place in picturesque Cisna, not as popular as Wetlina or Ustrzyki Górne, but definitely less crowded. We are not a luxurious resort, but we will do our best to provide you with all basic facilities and guarantee you a safe and pleasant stop on your way.winter at Agroturystyka TRAMP


Currently our farmstay encompasses almost 3 hectares of land, including a hectare across the Solinka, the local river. What makes us different is the confidence that people of Bieszczady need to preserve farmstays which don’t aim at pleasing everybody, but try to cater for the needs of true travellers who seek quiet, closeness to nature and unique atmosphere. Therefore, our guests are not allowed to play the radio or disturb silence at night. However, we encourage them to play instruments, while after 10pm we continue playing only around a campfire under our wooden shelter. Anybody who misses the old school atmosphere with life music and stories about local forests will not be disappointed. Campfire is organised every evening during the holiday season, usually starts at 8pm with a story for kids told by Tomek, Paweł’s son-in-law.Wierzbicki family


We are a family whose head, Paweł Wierzbicki, was raised in Cisna, just a hundred metres from Agroturystyka TRAMP. Paweł is a retired army officer (hence his nickname, “Major”), who lived in different Polish cities and visited different countries, but eventually decided to come back to his homeland. He is a co-founder of Tylko Bieszczady Foundation, taking care of local history and natural attractions.

You may also meet Asia, Paweł’s wife, an orphanage teacher, their son Piotr with his wife Asia, as well as Paweł’s daughter Kasia with her husband Tomek + a bunch of Paweł’s grandchildren.